Top 3 JetX Casinos of October

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – In this review, we have listed the top three online casinos that offer new players the best welcome bonuses, payment methods, and casino games from top-notch game studios. But these three online casinos have in common: they all offer players the possibility to play the most played casino crash game of 2022, JetX by SmartSoft Gaming.

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October
Top 3 JetX Casinos of October

As you might know, JetiX Game was created by SmartSoft Gaming in 2015, and it was released in the Georgian gambling market originally. Still, then when the team at SmartSoft realised how popular it had become in such a short time, they wanted to try it on the European and Canadian markets, well that was not a bad idea as, since 2019, when it was released, it has become the most popular casino crash game. This arcade-based game has a pretty simple logic. Read our full review of the Top 3 JetX Casinos of October to learn more about this fantastic game!

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October

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Top 3 JetX Casinos of October

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October: You might wonder why we picked these three online casinos to represent the best in October. Well, keep reading, and you will know everything you need to know about these casinos. JetX is an innovative arcade-type slot game developed by SmartSoft Gaming. Anyone who is a fan of retro games from Atari, Commodore or the early Nintendo Entertainment System will appreciate this 80s-looking online slot game.

How to Play the JetX Slot Game?

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October: After a few tries, you’ll become acquainted with the Jet X slot machine gameplay and the actions required to complete each round. The aim is to predict how far the aircraft will fly before crashing. Before you can do anything, you must first put your bet. This game’s betting range is between 0.10€/$ and 600€/$, making it an excellent choice for all players, whether to wager high or low.

Jet x
How to Play the JetX Slot Game?

The plane will take off when you deposit your wager. The multiplier will rise as it flies higher. You may choose the Autoplay feature for betting and collecting your winnings, which means you place the stake and then decide when to « pull out. »

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – The game’s coefficients, statistics, and history are displayed in the game panel’s left corner. After the eruption of the next round, the probabilities are shown in statistics.

The values are green and red: red denotes coefficients less than 1.5, and the green represents more than 1.5. The profit is computed by multiplying the existing height coefficient by the bet amount.

When a player chooses the lowest available crash multiplier, the player can get the highest RTP. Moreover, when the maximum coefficient of 25000x is attained, the winnings are automatically collected.

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The JetX Slot Machine Features

JetX Game Theme: Play Jet X online for free, a unique slot game centred on a jet that soars high and offers you significant victories. The game takes place on a jet strip, and while it may appear to be a regular video game at first glance, it will activate any player’s gambling instincts.

JetX Game Special Symbols: The jet, which might explode at any time, is the only symbol in this slot machine. Even though the multiplier grows while it flies, it does not have a set reward. So, while the Jet X free slot isn’t your typical slot machine, it can be precisely what you’re searching for if you want to try something new.

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JetX Slot Graphics and Design

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – Once players start their JetX gaming sessions, they will notice vintage, old-school vibes. What makes this game unique and attractive is its retro design. During their gaming sessions, players see pixelated aircraft as they fly across the screen. 

the jetx game

The game’s backdrop is relatively simple, dominated by black shades and grey clouds. Moreover, as the aircraft flies, players can collect their winnings by pressing the collect button, increasing their bets, and quitting the game anytime.

The game also shows all players’ bets, history, and overall winning and losing statistics.

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JetX Game Bonus Rounds 

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October: The jet rises when the round starts; strangely, there is no top limit. It can reach its maximum height. Thus, the winning factor ranges between 0 and 10,000 GEL. While it is achievable theoretically to attain infinity, it is impossible to reach. This is an unusual game with no paylines required.

As a player, you aim to pay out at the correct time before the plane crashes. Assume you want to exit the round right away. In that instance, click the ‘Collect’ button to be awarded a cash prize equal to your bet multiplied by an accumulated multiplier.

Aside from the regular winnings, another exciting feature of the game is a chance to win the progressive jackpot of the Galaxy Jackpot. It is cashed out at arbitrary intervals, granted that specific requirements are met, such as a minimum investment of 1 GEL or a minimum multiplier of 1.5x before cashing out.

JetX Betting on Mobile

JetX Betting on Mobile

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October: Created using HTML5 technology, you can play this slot on mobile. You can play Jet X slot machine for free on various platforms as they are compatible with Android, iOS, MAC, and Microsoft operating systems.

Explore the Jet X slot for real money, where the provider offers a good range of other real cash slots on the SlotsPlace site – no need to download any software to experience this slot game. 

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – SlotsPlace Casino has an excellent mobile platform that lets you play all of their different casino games and JetiX Game whenever and wherever you want!

The thrilling world of the JetX bet game: control the plane and win anywhere is brought to life thanks to the application, which allows players to immerse themselves in it.

The JetX Game Betting and Gameplay

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October –  In JetX, casino players bet together concurrently in the same game rounds. Each player places their bet while seeing the bets and outcomes of other gambling players. You can bet between 0,10€/$ and up to 600€/$ per game round. Bets are placed while the jet plane is getting ready to launch from the landing strip. As the jet plane takes off, betting tops, and the game multiplier accumulates. 

JetX Slot

There is no limit to how high the jet plane can fly on the flip side; it can also crash anytime. The longer it passes, the higher the multiplier of your bet.

The point of the game is to cash out your bet before the jet plane crashes. If the jet plane crashes, you lose your bet.

JetX players must decide how much they want to bet to start the game.

Once players press the start button, the aircraft begins to rise above the ground. Players quit their current gaming sessions and collect their winnings by pressing the take button. 

The JetX winnings are determined by the players’ bets and winning coefficients, as shown in the game’s paytable. There is only one catch, if players fail to press the take button before the aircraft explodes in the air, they lose all of their bets.

JetX Game vs JetX3 Game

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – JetX and JetX 3 are excellent games in their own right. But, as you will expect, there are differences between each title, especially as JetX 3 is a sequel and, therefore, a newer release. The first difference is that while the idea of the game, which makes JetX so fun, remains the same, JetX 3 is entirely new in its own right.

So this time, the launching jets are heading off into space. They still look like jets, but maybe a better fit would be to call them space jets. And you’ll notice we’re saying jets plural.

Instead of a single jet, with the game over when it explodes, each round in JetX 3 comes with a trio of jets.

jetx & jetx3 game

Players are effectively getting three chances of success. When the first jet explodes, the multiplier will reduce by a third. Half the multiplier will disappear when the second space jet crashes. And everything is lost when all three have been destroyed.

SmartSoft Gaming has also introduced more options to manage to bet, so players now have more control over proceedings, putting them in a more favourable position.

The most significant differences between JetX and JetX3

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – As already stated, the mechanics in the game are the same, but with the new and improved JetX 3, you have not one but three spaceships to play with, and your bets will not triple. You make the same bets, but you just have three ships instead of one, as in the original Jet X Game.

JetX3 is not your typical casino game. It differs from the flagship game of SmartSoft Gaming´s JetX. When bets are placed, three starships take off, and there are three chances to collect winnings. The game has a fixed RTP level of 97.00%. The minimum bet is 0.10€, and the maximum is 300€.

Players can simultaneously place one, two, or three bets on the same flight. The game also features auto-bet and auto-collect options. The height of the flight is not predetermined, and it might last to infinity.

If one or two ships explode, players still have a chance to claim the win with the third one.

The JetX3 Game has extraordinary features and a different design from the original game, making this game so impressive for the players and will undoubtedly entertain you!

Top 3 JetX Casinos of October – At the beginning of each round, players see three starships launching from the planet, heading to space, but at any moment, one, two or all three of them may explode. The game also has interaction inserts like chat, statistics, bet history, and an active bet list. The opportunity to share impressions makes the game very engaging.

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Top 3 JetX Casinos of October FAQ

How much can I win in the JetX Game?

When you play JetX Game, you have good chanceses to win the most money possible. But it’s determined by a player cashing out.

Which developer made JetX Game?

JetX Game and the JetX3 Games are made by SmartSoft Gaming. Read our full Top 3 JetX Casinos of October to know more!

Can I play JetX 3 at Azur Casino?

JetX3, JetX and any future JetX titles are and will be playable at Azur Casino.

How is the JetX win calculated?

Your payout is the amount you won multiplied by a multiplier you’ve wagered on at the Top 3 JetX Casinos of October.

How are JetX jackpots played?

The jackpots are randomly awarded if your bet is more than 1€/$ and your multiplier is more than 1.5x.

How to play JetX?

JetX follows the simplest rules of any casino game. The higher the plane’s flight, the better the winning percentage. Stop the JetX casino model before it reaches its inevitable explosion and win by a factor displayed on the screen (which grows all the time).

Is Jet X available on mobile devices?

The answer is yes. The game is compatible with all devices, including PCs, tablets, and both android and iOS phones.

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