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JetX slot has been launched in January 2019 and directly after the launch it has become one of the most played games in the French-speaking market. This is one of the most played games of 2021. This is one of our favourite games because this game is all about luck. Yes, you are the one who decides when to let go, but. Now we have a new online casino that has been opened just a few days ago.

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The JetX Game Full Review – The JetX Casino of 2022

SmartSoft Gaming’s JetX is a fantastic new online game you should play right now. Unlike other games, it has no limit on how much money you may make, which might be appealing to gamblers. While it is risky and dependent on luck, certain tactics and pointers might help you win a lot of money. Let’s have a look at how to play JetX game right now.

Play JetX as this is a new online game that has become very popular among gamblers. It is a game of chance where you can earn money by playing it. The amount of money you can earn depends on your luck. However, there are certain tactics and pointers which, if followed, might help you win more money.

It is called Cabarino, and this online casino is being operated by a company that has been in the industry for over a decade. Not only that they do not have any wagering requirements, but they have a vast game library. Register and start playing today!

There still is a possibility that even your « Gut feeling » will either make it or break it. So, how high do you dare to go and multiply your bet?

How to play Jet X?

In this article, we will tell you more about how to play the game or how we played this game. SmartSoft Gaming has come up with a totally new way of bringing online players a way to play, make money, spend time, and have fun!

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How to play Play JetX?

Let´s start with the facts, there is no right or wrong way to play the game, it is all about luck! This is a game that will change the way players play on online casinos. SmartSoft Gaming brought this crazy Airplane based game on the market a few years ago, not knowing will it ever work. The game has become super famous and loved by our players. Players have reported wins from 150€ up to the biggest wins of 11598€ on one « spin » or session.

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When playing JetX Game, you have only a few things to think about and we will explain all the essentials in this review. To be honest, the game is pretty straightforward. As the idea really is to « give up » when you lose hope.. or when you think that you have earned enough to start your next game.

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Top 5 Online Casinos to play JetX3 Game!

CasinoWelcome Bonus
Azur Casino500€ + 20 Free Spins
Banzai Slots250€ + 200 Free Spins
Evolve Casino1000€ + 150 WAGER FREE Spins
ViggoSlots Casino1000€ + 170 Free Spins
Lucky Luke Casino120€ + 200 Free Spins

Do you want to read the full review on JetX Game?
Click here to read the full review on one of our favourite games on the market now!

Play JetX bet
Play JetX

Looking at the controls of the game, this could have not been made easier for players.

You have the option « auto » which then does everything for you. Do not use that as it takes all the fun out of playing Jet X.

Then you have the two following options. bet and Collect.
bet is as simple as the word, that is what and how much you want to bet on, then there is the Collect option.
Collect is an option where you can choose at what point the game will stop, in other words, that can be your safeguard. Did you choose to stop playing at 15.00x your deposit?

Well at this point you do not have to do anything else except start the game and see where it goes. We personally love to play the game, round by round.
That is really what makes the game exciting!

Play JetX multiplier

The Multiplier

Once the game starts, you will see this image in the middle of the screen. This number will tell you how many times you have won your initial bet.

So let´s say you made a 10.00€ bet, once you have reached 1.14x this means that you have won 1.14 times your bet of 10.00€. Now, how cool is that?

Play JetX winners

When playing JetX Game you will see on the right side the past winners, as you are not the only one playing the game, as there can be several players playing the game at the same time.

This makes this a multiplayer game or even a live game in a way. Looking at other players lose and you win! Gives a nice extra rush!

Play Jet X bet
Play JetX

JetX bets

On the left side of the game, you can see the last wins. We know that you cannot predict the way the game ends, but the sidebar on the left side will give you a bit of info and direction on how the last games ended.

This game has taken the French-speaking players by chance! This game has given players thousands of spins and nail-biting excitement.

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The jackpot on JetX

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Play JetX Final Thoughts

Play JetX – Final Thoughts: There’s no question that JetX is a risky game. The odds are against the player and, in the long run, the casino will always come out on top. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t win money by playing JetX. Adopting a sound betting strategy and managing your bankroll responsibly are key to maintaining a positive balance in the game. What’s more, by following our tips, you’ll be able to improve your chances of winning and make JetX a more enjoyable experience.

Even though there’s no such thing as a guaranteed JetX strategy, adopting certain strategies or playstyles may help you improve your chances of winning. Some common approaches include betting big on low multipliers and betting low on high multipliers, playing volatile and cashing out as soon as possible, and applying the Martingale strategy. Whichever approach you decide to take, remember to manage your bankroll responsibly and always be aware of the risks involved in playing JetX.

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