Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

A new craps game has been added to online casino game libraries! A live game, what’s more! Thanks to supplier Evolution Gaming! Or should we rather simply say « Evolution » for short? Since October 2020, undoubtedly one of the most interesting dice games ever created is accessible on the essential live casino gaming platform. 

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming
Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

Does the casino game live up to the expectations of players? 

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The first Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

It’s a 2022 event that should be highlighted: Evolution Gaming now offers us the opportunity to have fun on the first live craps table! After connecting to the Evolution platform and after loading the game, you will be able to discover with your amazing eyes the magnificently decorated board of Craps Live, its typical large table, its checkered green carpet…

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming
Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

And also its two game modes to choose from! Either a normal mode for seasoned players and another that limits players’ options to simple, fewer bets.

This live game table, covered by 6 high-resolution cameras and animated by a well-dressed croupier who takes on the role of « Stickman », therefore includes two-player interfaces to choose from. Indeed, you will see that with a simple click, at any time, you can switch these two different dials intended to validate the bets.

Know that you will also be able to approach Craps Live without pressure with a demo mode, which can be zapped or not from the start of the game. This will briefly introduce you to the different betting options and the basic rules to get you started.

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming Game Options

Play in beginner mode

By choosing the beginner mode of Craps Live, you will not have to worry about certain bets when the point is made or not (Come, Don’t Come, Pass Line, etc). This could possibly disturb neophytes at first. Hence the purpose of this mode: to gradually familiarize new players with the rules of online craps.

Bets to be made

From the game interface which is dedicated to this so-called « easy » mode, you will simply place your bets by trying to predict the result of the two dice. And you will earn profits on your winning bets depending, of course, on the probability of getting a good combination.

  • Thus, you can bet on the realization of a craps in a dissociated way or not: either 2, 3 and/or 12. But also on the combinations which count a total of 7 or 11 .
  • Players who have opted for the beginner mode will also be able to bet on the « Field » box which will give you winnings if you achieve one of the following combinations: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Get one of these results with the dice and you win a profit with the corresponding odds.
  • This « easy » game mode also gives you the possibility to bet on the following winning results: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and/or 10 . Results that will bring you gains provided you do not see before result 7 occurs.

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

Play with real money Live Craps

If you are an experienced or even seasoned player, you can start playing the normal mode of Craps Live straight away. That is to say without going through the tutorial or the beginner mode. Know that this mode takes up all the rules of the game being played in a casino that has a storefront. Starting with the “Come Out Roll” and “Point Roll” betting rules.

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Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

Bets to be made in live Craps

Firstly, the normal mode includes, in addition to the bets listed for the easy mode, the famous « Pass Line » and « Don’t Pass » bets.
As a reminder, at the start of a game, the player can bet on the Pass Line and then win if the roll of the dice is 7 or 11. On the other hand, the bets go to the bank if the dice are craps of 2, 3 or 12.

But in cases where the results of the dice are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the point is made! And must be redone after a good roll for the player to win more than the bet placed on the Pass Line. Also, remember that these rules are reversed by betting on Don’t Pass.

Regarding Come and Don’t Come bets, almost the same rules apply. Except that these bets are to be made once the point is made.
And as in a real game, you will also have the possibility of playing on “Hardways” bets. That is to say on the probability that the dice show a double 2, a double 3, 4 or 5.

Without forgetting of course the possibility for players to place bets on losing points.
Everything is there! And more, in order to immerse yourself more in this fabulous game of craps, thanks to the options made by Evolution Gaming.

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

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+ 170 Free spins
* New customers only.
99 games
4,3 rating
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Additional options in Live Craps

In addition to being able to bet on the dials dedicated to the two-game modes as you see fit, you can also bet directly on the  » my numbers  » slots. From this part of the screen (bottom right), to inspire or influence you, you will see, in addition, the marking of the last draw circled in yellow. But also what all the craps bets could pay off by hovering your cursor over the easy or normal interface. Statistical data will allow you to analyze the game in progress.

Filmed cyclically by one of the six cameras, you will also see, on the wall to the left of the croupier, a table that ranks the bets according to their popularity with connected players. While on the right wall, you will see the so-called « Hot » results that often come up. In addition, a history of your bets is available whenever you want.

And of course, as with all Evolution games, you will have access to the chat to communicate with the dealer or to chat with other Craps Live players.

Live Craps by Evolution Gaming

Bonus package of:
+ 20 Free Spins
* New customers only.
104 games
5,0 rating
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Our overall opinion on Craps Live by Evolution Gaming

The first live craps game is a real success! From the point of view of a novice, as well as that of a fan of this very special casino game… And so addictive! It must be said that craps fans were tired of playing on the old BetSoft table simulation. It is therefore a relief for these online gamblers who perhaps thought that craps, which is more rarely presented in European brick-and-mortar casinos, would never again be transposed onto the web… The wait was long! Moreover, Evolution fills a big void by offering the last legendary table game that was missing from its collection.

Aficionados will have noticed that the normal mode of Craps Live transcribes the traditional rules of the game well. With one small exception all the same. For the sake of adopting the online gameplay. Namely the roll of the dice which can only be performed with an articulated arm programmed to propel the two dice to the end of the table. In other words, artificially. However, you will notice that all the throws are executed correctly with the same precision by bouncing off the edge of the table.

For novices and the curious, the game Craps Live also proves to be perfectly suitable. Above all thanks to its very well thought interactive tutorial. Likewise, those players who have never experienced the joys of this exciting casino game will be able to learn gradually with the beginner mode while participating.
The very successful Craps Live table could well arouse growing enthusiasm among online casino players.

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