JetX By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX By SmartSoft Gaming

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JetX By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX is aircraft and planes-inspired awesome new online game by SmartSoft gaming in which players bet on the outcome of aircraft flying across the screen. Despite the fact that the game appears very simple, it is very rewarding allowing you to bet from just 0.10 credits all the way up to 600 credits. Naturally, the more money you bet the bigger return.

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Once the player starts their JetX gaming sessions, they will definitely feel the old-school vibes in the game. In fact, what makes this game special and attractive is its super retro design. During the gaming sessions, players see pixelated aircraft as they hover across the screen. The game’s backdrop is really simple dominated by black shades and gray clouds.

In order to start the game, you have to decide how much you want to bet from 0.10 credits up to 600 credits. Once you press the start button, the aircraft starts to rise above the ground. By pressing the take button, players quit their current gaming sessions and collect their winnings.

Speaking of the winnings, they are determined by the players’ placed bets and winning coefficients as shown in the game’s paytable. There is only one catch, if you fail to press the take button before the aircraft explodes, you lose all of your bets.

Jet X is only for the brave, as it takes GUTS to play this game… You can win big or if the odds are not on your side, you will only win a bit. but you should definitely try this extraordinary way of gaming… If you are tired of the regular way of playing slots. this has not been done by anyone else before…

JetX By SmartSoft Gaming

JetX is available on the following Online Casinos, Banzai Slots, Cbet Casino, Azur Casino, Evolve Casino. This is a thrilling game that is changing the Online Casino experience for players all over the world.

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Cbet Casino offers new players a 100% Welcome Bonus up to 500€ and this is the best way to spend some time with Jet X slot that is a aeroplane themed game that you have never experainced before… With JetX the idea is very simple… See how far your nerves can take you. The basis of the Slot machine is very simple. Choose your bet and then see the multiplier grow and make the decicion when to let go.. As the higher the pale goes, your multiplier grows, but the plane can also explode up at any time…

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Jet X plane will start off from Zero (0) and can go up as high as the sky is the limit… this is not something for the faint of heart players as this really needs nerves of steel to play… are you ready to take the chance and be one of the new lucky winners on Jet X?

JetX By SmartSoft Gaming at Cbet
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