Casinos français – Les casinos en France valent vraiment le coup!

Casinos français – Les casinos en France valent vraiment le coup!

Amongst the many things France is famous for are its language, its sites, its food and its culture that has inarguably left a profound impact on several countries around the globe. And whilst these might be the first things that come to mind when many of us think of France, its French casinos are certainly worth a mention too.

Do the French Love Gambling? Oui!

Yes, as a matter of fact, the French love to gamble. Everyday many avid gamblers residing in the republic, as well as many tourists visiting the country, enjoy heading out to their favourite French casinos to get some action at a Blackjack table, watch the Roulette wheel spin or play a few rounds of Baccarat (provided they have a hefty bankroll). And who could possibly blame them? With so many marvellous French Casinos in the country, it’s a hugely entertaining way to spend time on weekends as well as during the week!  

Our Top 6 Land Based French Casinos

All in all, there are about 200 land-based French Casinos offering all-time casino classics such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Slots along with some of the most exclusive Poker rooms found in Europe. Of course, this hardly comes as a surprise to us; as we said before the French do love to gamble in their spare time, as do our gambling experts at CasinoTop10. In fact, we’ve been to numerous casinos in France over the years and spent several hours and sometimes even days (depending on the size of our bankroll) just gambling at French Casinos. If you happen to be visiting France and you’re interested in giving gambling at a brick and mortar casino a shot, take a look at some of our favorite French Casinos below that are both glamorous and have a huge selection of games to choose from!

1. Casino Le Lyon Vert

When it comes to the weekends, residents of the Rhône-Alpes region of France have an embarrassment of riches in terms of things to do. Lyon is a huge cultural center with a population of several million and has plenty to offer its residents. If they’re looking for fun and excitement then a trip to a casino is an obvious choice. Brick and mortar casinos are certainly not in short supply, with eighteen in the region. La Tour-de-Salvagny in western Lyon hosts the most famous and luxurious of them: the Le Lyon Vert Casino, owned by the Partouche Group. It is now the third-largest casino in France in terms of turnover.

The Gorgeous Le Lyon Vert

casino le lyon vertAs one of the Casino Le Lyon Vert was founded in 1882 and is located in the park of Charbonnières. In a somewhat turbulent history, the casino has changed its name more than once, came close to bankruptcy shortly after it was founded, and has been at the centre of a fierce legal battle. Despite this, the Lyon Vert is a place of beauty – its architecture reminiscent of the 1930s – and it houses reception rooms worthy of the most luxurious casinos during the Belle Epoque. 

Casino Games available to play at this casino

Evidently, Le Lyon Vert has the largest selection of games of any of the brick and mortar casinos in France. It’s got over 400 machines to choose from, including 224 Slot machines and 176 Video Poker machines. Then, on top of that, there are of course the traditional table games. These include both European and American Roulette, 3 Blackjack tables, Baccarat tables plus many more.

Entertainment at Le Lyon Vert Casino

Foodies will certainly not be disappointed by the restaurants offered by the casino, and we recommend booking a table at La Cascade. If you really feel like splurging, try dinner at the Michelin-starred La Rotonde.

How to get there

Casino Le Lyon Vert is located in the western suburbs of Lyon. For players coming from Paris or Marseilles, take the highway exit signposted  « Pore du Valvert » and then follow signs to Tassin and Charbonnières Center.


Casino Le Lyon Vert
200 avenue du Casino
69890 La Tour De Salvagny
Tél : 33 (0)4 78 87 02 70

2. Casino Deauville

Deauville is a small town of 3 973 inhabitants located in the department of Calvados, a world-famous resort in the north-west of France. It is also considered one of the most luxurious resorts in the country because of the quality of its infrastructure, its hotels, its magnificent setting and its rich culture. However, the region is also famous for its casino. The Casino is ideally located close to the city center, near the sea, opposite to the beaches of La Mancha. The classic property of Groupe Lucien Barriere was established on July 10, 1912 by the Duc de Morny. The latter is the founder of the seaside resort of Deauville in 1859. The architect of the casino of Deauville, appointed by the Duc de Morny, is none other than Wybo George, the French architect who also designed the Printemps Haussmann and the Georges V hotel in Paris. 

casino deauville french casinosThe Magical Deauville

With a luxurious setting worthy of the grandest palace, this legendary casino includes 3 restaurants, 3 bars, a ballroom, a discotheque, meeting rooms and also Le Petit Trianon, an Italian theater hosting a celebrated ensemble performing more than 125 shows per year. Within the premises you will also find a cinema, famous for hosting the Festival of Deauville American Cinema. The atmosphere and service from the Casino Barrière de Deauville is worthy of the most luxurious hotels. What visitor would not be impressed when entering this magic place with enormous mirrors, spectacular lighting and massive marble columns under a nearly twenty meters high ceiling? 

Gambling at Casino Deauville

If you’ve spent plenty of hours scouring the net for the best French Casinos out there and finally decided to go to Casino Deauville, this casino will certainly not disappoint you with its game variety. Of course, you’ll be able to find all the usual suspects – Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack,Craps, Video Poker, regular poker and other table games. However, if you’re more of a Slots machine fan, you’ll have a choice of 350 machines to play on. Wagering sizes for these machines typically range from 1 cent to 20 Euros. Beloved by high society and enjoying international recognition, except for tourists from all over the world, the casino attracts a rather wealthy Parisian clientele during the weekends, but on weekdays there are mostly local and regional customers. One thing is for sure though, the luxury and elegance feel to this hotel make it one of the finest casinos in the old continent, and a totally unique tourist attraction for the city of Deauville.

How to get there

Deauville is closely linked to Paris via the A13 and A132. A short two hour’s drive from Paris will lead you to the gambling capital of Normandy: by many gambling Parisians considered as an additional seaside district to the city of Paris.


Casino Barrière de Deauville
Rue Edmond Blanc BP 32400
14802 Deauville Cedex
Tel: 33 (0) 2 31 14 31 14

3. Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains

Enghien-les-Bains is a municipality of about 12 000 inhabitants, located in the district of Val-d’Oise, at the entrance to the valley of Montmorency, about 11 kilometers from Paris. It is a particularly charming residential town and is a place in its own right despite being a suburb of the French capital. The main reason for this is that the city is the only resort of the Ile-de-France. Indeed the town boasts a unique setting, surrounded by greenery with its villas of the bourgeoisie and famous lake. It also holds many events and performances throughout the year. On top of this, it also features a superb spa designed by Louis Soors and the designer Pascal Desprez, which occupies a total area of 13 000m ² and hosts thousands of visitors each year. All that said, the main attraction of this town is undoubtedly its casino.

The Luxurious Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains

casino enghien les bainesLocated along the lake, the Enghien-les-Bains is the closest casino to Paris, situated less than ten kilometers from the capital (unlike the casino at Deauville, which is 173km away). Originally built in 1901, it was rebuilt and equipped with a theater 10 years later before being converted into a hospital during the first war. In 1988, the Lucien Barrière Group acquired the casino and then renovated it completely in 2001 once approval had been granted to open a room for slot machines. The casino finally opened in April 2002 before being extended the following year. Today, it is open all year round, 7 days a week, from 10 am to 4 am, and offers over 450 slot machines, ranging from 1 cent to €10. There are also plenty of table games such as English Roulette, French Roulette, Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker and Punto Banco available in the French Casino’s various luxurious rooms.

Entertainment at Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains

Unlike the French casinos of seaside resorts, that tend to attract a seasonal clientele, the Enghien-les-Bains attracts esteemed gamblers all year round. There are plenty of high rollers and the stakes waged here are far higher than the national average. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Casino Barrière Enghien-les-Bains is now the leading French casino in terms of turnover. Its steady increase in visitor numbers may even see if become Europe’s most popular casino at some stage in the future. In 2006, gross gaming turnover totalled approximately 135 million euros and was distributed 70% on slot machines and 30% on table games. Enghien-les-Bains is a resort comprising much more than just the casino; luxury hotels, restaurants and sports and recreation activities are in plentiful supply. It’s clear to see why it’s a popular place for rich Frenchmen to entertain guests.

How to get there

Apart from having a magnificent selection of casino games, we also chose the Casino Barrière d’Enghien-les-Bains to be in our list of top French Casinos because of its fantastic location. This French Casino is situated just 15 km from Paris and is merely 10 mins away from Paris by train. It’s not only accessible by car, but it’s also accessible by train and bus should you rather catch public transport. 

4. Casino Barrière Le Ruhl de Nice

french casino ruhlThe beautiful city of Nice is famous for many things. La promenade des Anglais, the old town, its glorious location on the Mediterranean just 30km from Italy, the famous hotels, and much more. Nestled in the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture, between the mountains and sea, is one of the most visited places in France with over 4 million visitors every year – Nice. The city, which is located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region, is perhaps a result of its cultural riches, the charm of its various neighborhoods, its architecture, its beach and its host of restaurants. It would be a shame, however, during your next visit to this charming region if you were to miss the casino Ruhl, one of the iconic features of the city. This legendary casino, owned by Groupe Lucien Barriere, is the temple of entertainment for Nice and its surroundings.

An Impressive Playground Full of Casino Games

Ranking between the 3rd and 7th place in the last 10 years rank by gross gaming, this luxury casino has one of the largest selection of Slots in the country with over 300 machines. Two different atmospheres await you inside the main hall, located on two levels. Firstly, there’s the electric atmosphere of the Golden Gate, a place of celebration centered around the bar, which is in contrast with the cosier and more relaxing feel round in the Dolce Vita room. 

The Array of Games at this French Casino

With a huge array of Slots, Video Slots, Video Poker, Progressive Jackpots and more, the variety of machines to try out at this French Casino will definitely satisfy even the most demanding of gamblers who enjoy machine games. Yet, if you’d much rather play a table game under the chandeliers and majestic scenery, the table games room plays host to 2 French Roulette tables, 4 English Roulette tables, 4 Blackjack tables and 2 Caribbean Stud Poker tables. Moreover, assuming that you’re a fan of poker, you’ll also be delighted to know that this casino also has a very elegant poker room honoring the world’s most popular game of the moment – Texas Hold’em Poker. There are no fewer than six tables with a capacity of ten players at your disposal, with blinds up to €250/€500. 

Entertainment at the Casino Barrière Le Ruhl  

In terms of other entertainment, Casino Barrière Le Ruhl offers several options. Some prefer to sip a cocktail in the futuristic American Café, a flashy bar inspired by Pop Art and overlooking the hall of slot machines, while others choose the restaurant La Dolce Vita and its fine cuisine. Alternatively, there is a superb cabaret which has quality performances throughout the year. Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

How to get there

Although we mainly chose Casino Barrière Le Ruhl to be in our list of Top French Casinos because of its choice of casino games and its wonderful sea views, another reason it made it to our list out of 200 other French Casinos is that this casino is accessible by car, plane, train and even by boat! 


Casino Ruhl Lucien Barrière de Nice
1, Promenade des Anglais
06000 Nice – France
Tel : 33 (0)4 97 03 12 22
Fax : 33 (0)4 97 03 12 99

5. Casino Monte-Carlo

french casinos monte carlo

There are few people in the world who don’t instantly think of Monte Carlo when they think of the casino lifestyle. Indeed, who hasn’t thought of James Bond destroying the baccarat table when they think about casinos in general. It was Prince Charles III of Monaco who ordered the creation of the Monte Carlo quarter (including a casino) in order to boost the country’s economy and in fact, he ordered the architect of the Paris Opera House, Charles Garnier to build the casino in the Baroque style it has today. Once it was completed, Francois Blanc bought a concession to run the gambling at the casino for 50 years and in 1898, that concession moved to a private company with major government interest, the Societe des Baines de Mer. Since it opened up in 1863, high rollers from all over the world have flocked to the Monte Carlo Casino to try their luck.

Notable moments in Monte Carlo’s illustrious history

In 1873, an engineer from Great Britain called Joseph Jagger recorded the results of six roulette wheels at Monte Carlo. He eventually discovered a serious bias in one of the wheels that caused certain numbers to come up more frequently. Jagger used his knowledge to win millions of Francs. Despite the fact that he did eventually lose some money when the casino rearranged the wheels, he was able to find a new wheel. Ultimately, the casino was able to stop Jagger, but not before he earned himself the title of: ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’.

In 1891, a con artist named Charles Wells arrived in Monte Carlo with money freshly taken from investors and hit the roulette wheel. Using the risky and debunked Martingale System where you double your bet every time you lose to eliminate losses, Wells went on a lucky streak and won a million Francs making him the second to earn the aforementioned title of: ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’.

In 2004, in response to the explosion in popularity of the Poker World Series and televised poker tournaments in general, the Monte Carlo Casino hosted its own poker tournament, the Monte Carlo Millions. Phil Ivey, a famous poker pro, was able to weed through most of the 80 competitors who put up $14,000 each to compete, but ultimately only went home with third place as Jani Sointula took the top prize.

In 2005, Ivey redeemed himself by winning a million dollars in the second Monte Carlo Millions with a first-place finish. He went on to win a Monte Carlo Millions Invitational Event sponsored by FullTiltPoker the next day.

Casino games available for play at the Casino Monte-Carlo

With a casino of this stature, it’s little wonder that patrons can look to play games such as Roulette, Stud poker, Blackjack, Trente et Quarante, Craps, Baccarat, Video poker and various Slot machines in a gorgeous setting. There really is nothing like it!

How to get there

Situated on the French Riviera between Cap d’Ail and Menton, it’s pretty easy to get to the Casino Monte – Carlo. Indeed. whether you’re travelling from the French or Italian side by car or train, you can look forward to sea views all the way through.


Place Du Casino
Monte-Carlo 98000

6. Casino Joa De Montrond

Casino Joa de MontrondLess than 70 miles from Lyon and 130 km of Clermont Ferrand, is the charming town called Montrond-les-Bains. Whilst its population isn’t as large as other towns,its 4,600 inhabitants enjoy a full-life savoring all Montrond-les-Bains has to offer. These, of course, include its medieval castle, the mountains of Forez, the water baths in the area, the array of health spas, gyms, pools and such, and last but not least the town’s casino, called Casino Joa De Montrond.

Although this land-based casino isn’t the largest we’ve been to in France, nor the most historic, it has earned its place on our list simply because of its location, its array of games and the entertainment value it provides overall.

A Mélange of Casino Games to Play at this French Casino

Similarly to most other casinos, Casino Joa De Montrond offers a wide selection of Slots games. Amongst the array of Slots offered is a total selection of 225 for you to enjoy playing which are located inside as well as out on the patio. In regards to table games, you can expect to find an array of electronic Roulette and Blackjack and Poker games.

Entertainment at Casino Joa De Montrond

Once you’ve finished playing casino games, you’ll evidently need some entertainment to complete the night. Luckily, Casino de Montrond Les-Bains does not fall short in this regard. Here you’ll find the casino’s very own restaurant, named Restaurant Comptoir Joa, a sports bar, a dancefloor and a games arcade.

If against all the odds, you can’t find anything you like in the restaurant, foodies can just cross the street and head for the excellent kitchen of the inn « La Poularde »(The Hen). The hotel comprises 7 rooms, 6 suites and 3 suites with terraces overlooking the interior patio and pool. The tavern dates back to 1732 and has preserved the authenticity of its origins and offers fine cuisine.

How to get there

Getting to this French Casino is super easy. The first thing you’ll need to do is find your way to Lyon and follow the A47 to Saint-Etienne and Andrezieux-Bouthéon, then take the A72 towards Roanne and exit at Montrond-les-Bains.


82 rue Francis Laur – 42
210 Montrond-les-Bains
Tel: 04 77 52 70 70
Fax: 04 77 52 70 79

Get your gamble on at a French Casino! 

Whilst we always recommend playing at an online casino available on the net especially if you don’t have the money to travel all the way to France, there’s no doubt that French Casinos offer all the glitz and glam you’d typically expect when playing at a brick and mortar casino. So, provided that you’re visiting the Hexagon, get on the gambling bandwagon and drop by one of France’s most luxurious casinos in our list. You might just actually be lucky enough to pocket a handsome sum of money whilst you’re at your casino of choice! 

Are you looking for the best video poker games? If this is the case, then we recommend that you visit video poker casinos, as there you will find the best casino games and online casinos.

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